An FYI on the young hogs we purchase in

We have managed to source guaranteed antibiotic and hormone-free 50 lb hogs from a local farmer. They are, however, not fed a GMO-free diet until they come to us. This means they start out on mama's milk, then transition for a short while to a conventional feed with a GMO component until 50 lb weight. They then come to us for growing out on pasture with a completely non-GMO diet to about 250 to 300 lb.

They also come from a regular
confinement pig barn. We view them as "rescue pigs" who get to come here to live out their lives with lots of space, on pasture, rather than spend all their days in confinement. And they show their appreciation for the transition to the good life as shown in the video below. We have often thought about keeping sows, but have decided against it for several pragmatic reasons, including timing conflicts with our extremely busy season for greenhouse operations and other considerations. 

NOTE: GM crops have become extremely common in Canada and the US, with GM corn and soy plantings now being in the range of 50% of the total crop volume in Ontario. This means that unless you buy organic food at your local grocery store, you will be eating GM foods if what you purchase contains any soy, corn or canola. It also means that farms that buy their feeds from a "regular" feed mill will by default be feeding GM crops as GM and non-GM crops are not segregated at harvest. The only way farmers can avoid buying GM feeds is if they buy organic or Identity Preserved (IP) feeds. IP feeds are not organic, but they are non-GM - they are tested for GM contamination and are traceable back to the grower. At Magda Farm we buy IP feeds. For more information on GM crops, visit the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network website.