Customer Feedback & Comments from the Butcher

E. Lusis (Guelph, March 2011)

Our family recently purchased a Beef Box from Magda Farms. This is the first time we have bought beef directly from a farm - what a difference! The beef is always delicious and full of flavour. Even our children have noticed the difference.

Wesley Robb & Fabienne Hick (Toronto, January 2011)

Just received your update and newsletter and wanted to let you know the pork is absolutely fantastic. I have never tasted anything better, whatever you did keep doing it! Everyone who has been lucky enough to share in our find has had nothing but positive comments. We will be getting another half animal this year for sure.

Gail McCormack (Guelph, Ontario - January 2011)

We had the most amazing Magda farm-raised pork shoulder last night, rubbed with salt and slow-roasted for a long time. It was absolutely delicious! No other spices needed and no carving! (love that part...)

Daniel Nicholson (Toronto, Ontario - January 2011)

My wife and I just enjoyed some of the best beef in a long time! (striploin steaks). Really impressed with the flavor and butchery. Tried the ground meat and it was sensational.

Deb Quaile (Rockwood, Ontario – January 2011)

That was absolutely the best ham I've ever cooked (no great nod to the cook, but the quality of the ham). It was terrific! Ditto for the bacon (fabulous!), loin roast, sausage...

Jen McCarthy (Toronto, Ontario - January 2010)

"By the way - the hamburger is gorgeous - never thought I'd say that about hamburger but we have used it in a shepherds pie and spaghetti sauces and it has wonderful flavour and is nice and lean.

I referred 2 more people to you. I did one of your hams for a team christmas dinner at work and they both commented on how nice it was and wanted to know where I got it. It is so nice to eat real meat that has real texture and taste!

Thanks very much - hope all is well on the farm this winter."

HIGHLIGHT: 2009 Supplier Visits - excerpt from the Woolwich Arrow and Borealis Grille Newsletter Jan/Feb 2010
by Bob Desautels, restaurant owner/president (Guelph, Ontario)

"Magda Farm - In the summer I got my first experience of a farm that seemed to come out of the book The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan. Farmers Vera and Nick run an operation with chickens, cows and pigs while applying sound and sustainable practices. Very refreshing. (Good food too!)"

Karen Calzonetti & Chris Nicholson (Guelph, Ontario - December 2008)

"Your pork is amazing, it's fabulous! It's some of the best meat I've ever tasted. We are thrilled with it and are looking forward now to the beef."

Paul Toccalino (Guelph, Ontario - November 2008)

"Our family had been supplied with grass fed organic beef from my uncle for many years until he retired from farming. We tried other beef from 2 local farmers and 2 butchers but could not find the same quality we were accustomed to. We found Magda Farm so I decided to call and find out the availability of beef. I had a long informative friendly discussion with Vera so I felt confident ordering from her. We were not disappointed. The beef has been excellent, the butchering good. So good in fact that half the animal was shipped to Ottawa to be enjoyed by my parents. We are looking forward to more beef from Magda Farm in the future."

Daniel Lahav & Ruby Lam (Toronto, ON - November 2008)

E-mail to Magda Farm:

"I feel strongly about having 'your own farmer' (the same as having your own lawyer or accountant). We are happy to support you guys directly without any middle-man making money on both our backs. And yes, it might sound funny - having 'your own farmer', but hey, without farmers we are all screwed and probably doomed (forgive me for the language).

So keep up the great work, the personal connection with the people you feed and we hope that you do so well that other people pick up the old school farming trade again. Its a win win situation for us all.

Comments from the Butcher
(November 2008)

"We just finished cutting your pork. It is beautiful, absolutely beautiful." - comment from Meyer Meats, reiterated several times when we phoned to ask them when our customers' pork would be ready for pick up.