Why would you pay more for 100% grassfed beef?

There are studies that show that 100% grassfed meat is healthier for you, with higher levels of good fats and vitamins. Most studies showing the nutritional difference though compare "conventional", feedlot-finished beef to 100% grassfed. Because of this, we are unable to provide an accurate nutritional comparison between our partner farms' 100% grassfed beef and our own Magda Farm beef, which is from animals that remain on pasture until the day they go for slaughter but which are fed a small amount of grain in the last three months to provide some additional marbling. 

100% grassfed beef often has fat that is a bit more yellow and sometimes has a somewhat stronger flavour than grain-finished beef. Some of our customers simply prefer the flavour of our beef that has been finished with a bit grain, while others prefer the grassfed flavour.

We would say that the healthiest of the healthy beef is probably the 100% grassfed option - but it is a bit more pricey. So for our more budget-conscious customers, the Magda Farm option might be preferred - if you can manage to get it before our supply runs out... 

We have had excellent feedback regarding flavour, tenderness, etc. for both our own and the 100% grassfed beef.