In June 2012, our friend and "farmhand" Alecia Myers sent me a list of birds she had seen or heard on the farm that spring. Alecia out of the goodness of her heart and in order to vicariously live the farm life would come out one day a week time permitting to help with whatever chore required doing - greenhouse work, bringing hay in off the fields, setting up livestock areas - whatever the task, she was up for it. She gave herself the monicker "farmhand", preferring it over "volunteer".

I had always intended to upload the bird list to this blog/website since it perfectly demonstrates the value of farms like ours for wildlife habitat - lots of trees, perennial pasture and hay crops, no sprays used, etc. I was shocked to see that original start at a bird inventory very quickly head toward 50 different species!!! 

I thought we'd have many years to continue updating the list. Unfortunately Alecia became very sick in February 2013 and lost her struggle with leukemia in April 2014. As with everything she did on the farm, Alecia took on the fight with cancer with a positive attitude, never giving up until she simply had no choice.

I often think back fondly as I do my work around the farm and remember times doing the same chores with Alecia. Or miss her when I see new birds and simply don't have the great birding skills to figure out who they are. So I just enjoy their presence without questioning. 

Alecia chose this farm as one of her final resting places and we are honoured to have now welcomed her here. 

Vera (June 2014) 

The following list is published in memory of Alecia Myers. Any bird enthusiasts who want to come and try to extend the list would be more than welcome, by both us and Alecia I'm sure:

Baltimore oriole
Rose breasted grosbeak
Brown Thrasher  
Black and white warbler    
Yellow warbler  
Common yellow throat warbler (I call it the zorro bird)   
Red-eyed vireo   
Red-wing blackbird   
Cowbird, brown headed  
Barn swallow   
Tree swallow  
House wren   
Black-capped chickadee   
House finch 
Purple finch 
Pine siskin   
Blue Jay   
House Sparrow   
Chipping sparrow   
Mourning dove   
White-breasted nuthatch   
Red-breasted nuthatch   
Kingbird, eastern   
Starling, European   
Junco, dark-eyed   
Downy woodpecker   
Red-bellied woodpecker 
Canada Geese
Blue Heron
Mallard Duck   
Wild Turkey   
Turkey Vulture   
Laying Hens :-)  
Meat Chickens :-) 
Cedar Waxwing   
Warbling Vireo  
Hairy Woodpecker 
Red-Tailed Hawk