Dee (Guelph, August 2017)
Just wanted to thank you for the tasty chicken we picked up on Saturday. I thawed one as soon as Paul brought them home and put one in the slow cooker today. It was so good!!!! I invited my Mom and she really enjoyed it too. It's amazing how many meals we get from just that one chicken. We don't think of those meals as left-overs. It also helps that in our orders we get just legs with thighs or just breasts so I can cook up a smaller meal that's just as tasty as the whole chicken. We really appreciate your type of healthy animal and plant farming.

Alex (Brantford, May 2017)
Your pork was absolutely amazing... My family and the other family who we split the half with enjoyed everything we ate so much, and now we want our own sides!!

Phil Thiessen (Kitchener, December 2016)
I'm in love. We just tried some bacon, and was it good. It hardly tastes like regular bacon. Much better. If the rest of the meat is as good we will want more next season or as soon as possible.

Craig Maniscalco (Toronto, July 2016)
Thank you Nick & Vera for being so helpful with the ordering process and cut sheet, and accommodating with the pick up arrangements. We are so excited to get our beef. The pork package we received has been incredibly delicious. The pork chops in particular were surprisingly good. I have never liked pork chops much, and my wife has always cut the fat off of chops from the store because it was chewy and didn't taste good. The chops from your pigs were so good that neither of us left anything on our plates, save the bones, and those were picked clean. Also, the bacon was the most flavourful and hearty bacon I've ever had. Finally, thank you for being so diligent in both your ethical practices and for informing us about where our food comes from and how it's raised. 

Tara Beardmore (Guelph, February 2016)
We are very happy (in fact more like ecstatic), with the beef quarter we purchased in December. 

Anna Wajda (Mississauga, January 2016)
I made some pork chops for dinner and they were delicious! Remind me of the ones my grandma made in Poland. We also had some bacon, absolutely delicious. I'm defrosting stewing beef for the weekend and can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for what you do! 

Natalie Wilby (Waterdown, December 2015)
We made sausage for supper with my father-in-law and it was so delicious. My three girls ate it so quickly!!

Rachel (September 2015)
We are enjoying tremendously the pork from your farm. My son has texture issues and it's sometimes a challenge to get him to eat meat, however he's gone for seconds of both the ham and the roast. That is one big compliment in my book!

Janet Holowka (Toronto, June 2015)
We had your pork picnic roast just two weeks ago and it's the best we've ever tasted. The last of your sausages were served for very special perogies made by my godmother a couple days ago. Delicious.

Jeewon Kim (Toronto, November 2014)
Glad to receive your email as we've completely run out of ground beef. You weren't kidding when you said it wouldn't last! Still enjoying the pork products. Best bacon and pork we've ever had bar none!

Margaret Lau (Toronto, November 2014)
I slow roasted the butt shoulder roast with bacon on top. Sooooo delicious! Just salt and pepper and it still smells amazing. Just finished all the pork chops. Really delicious, not porky at all and the fat was delectable. I'm getting a side of pork next time!

Benita van Miltenburg (November 2014)
Your bacon is literally the most delicious bacon I have ever had. And I am certainly a bacon fiend.

Angela and Tim Shepherd (November 2014) 
Do you ever have extra sausage available? We bought our pork box in October and absolutely love everything we have tried so far, but the sausage is one of our kids' favourites and we are going through it fast - only one package left!

Sam Rook (Mississauga, November 2014)
Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how wonderful and delicious the pork we got from you has been. We had the bone-in ham last night and it was the best ham we have ever had. Looking forward to chickens in the New Year.

Anna Wajda (Mississauga, November 2014)
Made some beef stew last night, it was delicious. 

Oxanna Adams (Guelph, November 2014)
We had friends over to feast on Magda Farm ham this evening. This was our first taste of such a thing and we are hooked, which says a lot since we both have never had an affinity for ham. Next time we will know to ask for more than one in the box. 

Brenda Backus (Rockwood, October 2014)
The ham steak was an almost out of body experience. The flavour was ABSOLUTELY OF OF THIS WORLD. Thank you.

Silvia (October 2014)
Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with our pork. Flavour, cuts, butchering... We had a pork loin roast yesterday. It was delicious! ... Had a hot pork sandwich (from a fabulous farmer) that was to die for and I'm about to crash on the couch with my glass of wine. Looking forward to doing business with you again soon. 

Lynn Weller (September 2014)
Love the pork! The bacon is fantastic, the sausages extraordinary and I have only had some chops of the remaining cuts. My daughter is usually not a big pork fan and she said these were the best chops I have ever made!! Yup, I'll try and take credit for them!!

Jason Held (Toronto, July 2014)
Best beef I've tasted since I got back from out West. See you next year for sure!

Lynn Weller (March 2014)
Still loving all your beef!! Now my kids say I make the best burgers on the planet. Not sure I can take full credit though.

Doug Dipasquale (Toronto, July 2013)
I was very happy with how (the pork) turned out last year. I've actually been disappointed in all the cuts I've gotten from other farms since because they didn't live up to yours :)

Craig Mosley (Rockwood, April 2013)

I wanted to be sure that you knew I am definitely interested in another side of pork. It has been excellent! Previously we purchased free range pork from a hobby farmer in the Vancouver area and we were a bit worried we might not find something similar in this area but you have met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks for ethically raising local food for us.

Patti Maurice (Guelph, April 2013)
I've been meaning to email you and tell how delicious the ground beef is. We have just been making patties and it's like eating prime, grade A steak! So tasty. Thanks!

Craig & Steph Duffield (Guelph, April 2013)
We'd love to be on the list for a half hog in late fall (again). This was our first year getting pork from you, and it's been delicious. The smoked hams have wonderful flavour, the ground is a perfect mix of fat and lean and the bacon is to die for. Thanks!

Dominika Nelson (Breslau, March 2013)
Just wanted to let you know we tried out the beef. It is amazing! Delicious beef. And wanted to ask you if there is anything else you have available in your freezer right now.

Julie Goodwin (Guelph, March 2013)
I prepared a package of the ground beef over the weekend and it was great. It cooked beautifully and the taste was amazing. As well, last night I made a crustless veggie and cheese quiche with 12 Magda eggs. They were so fresh and light that it was my best quiche to date. I have to buy your eggs more

Brigitte Martin (Toronto, March 2013) - purchaser of chicken & pork
. . . it's much more than "we're enjoying your products" . . . much more like "our lives depend on it". We just can't go back to regular supermarket meat now. Specially knowing what we know. You have no idea of how grateful we are to people like you. Really we can't thank you enough for doing what you do.

Catherine Killen (Guelph, February 2013) - message entitled "Heavenly Ham"
We enjoyed a beautiful ham last night. It was so good I had to write and compliment your product.

Amy O'Neill (Guelph, January 2013)
Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and let you know that we tried the pork sausage tonight in a pasta dish. My husband and I LOVED it! The dog, who knows better was even begging all through dinner for some. We will definitely be buying this again! Being relatively new to shopping locally for meat your product has definitely convinced me that it is worth every penny!

Karen Houle (Guelph, December 2012)
Rob and I just had some bbq sausages and pork chops. TOTALLY AMAZING DELICIOUS. The sausages were a huge surprise. Tender and not fatty and tasty. Thank you so much for the amazing meat, which was once a happy apple-munching pig (or two).

Valerie Rowley (Schomberg, December 2012)
Just to let you know that Chris and I had our first pork chops last night - they were absolutely the best tasting pork chops we have ever had! And I made a Country Pork Terrine with one of the joints for Christmas - also delicious!

Lazerd Aliu (Toronto, December 2012)
I wanted to thank you for having me today at your farm. We had the pork chops, shoulder and the sausages and they were exquisite. Great taste!!! The eggs also were just great, I wish I was closer to you to come and pick them up every week.

Sue Schappert (Guelph, July 2012)
I have to say that your smoked chops are the best pork chops we've ever had, wildly different from the crap that I grew up with. Therefore, we are happy to take whatever we get as we now love both roasts and chops. Your pork has converted us to happy, but spoiled, pork chop fans.

Doug Dipasquale (Toronto, January 2012)

I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with the pork. This is simply the best pork I have ever had! Best bacon, best sausage, best ham, best chops! And I'm extremely happy with the amount of fat that was left on all the cuts - beautiful! Thank you so much!

John & Tracey Keele (Milton, December 2011)

Thought we would send you a quick email to wish you happy holidays, and let you know how much we are appreciating our products.

We haven't tried any steaks yet, but we made the Sirloin Tip roast for our Christmas dinner, as well as one of the roasting chickens. Our entire family thought the taste and quality was fantastic! We had some of the pork chops tonight for dinner -- amazing, and the ground beef is a clear winner with our friends and family (and us)! Also, the bacon: Best Bacon Ever!!! The only bad part is that we will run out of this bacon... and store-bought just won't be able to compete.

10/10!! And we will certainly be returning customers.

Tim & Caitlin Plunkett (Guelph, Christmas Day 2011)

Well, it is about time we let you know how much we love the pork and beef. The beef is phenomenal. Although, with a single box, we are definitely rationing it. Been into the ground and a sirloin so far and it is simply fantastic.

The pork ... I know for a fact I have never had pork like this. I'd even tell my dad that the pork we raised on the farm, doesn't compare. The bacon's flavour is so far above anything we have ever had. The sausage ... I can't say enough. I just sat down and closed my eyes. The pork chops, simply the best I've ever had. We haven't had a chance to try the hams yet but we dined on a shoulder roast (slow cooked w/ apple cider vinegar, apples and sweet potatoes) the past few days and when I was reheating it at work ... the guys were jealous to say the least.

Today for Christmas we are having one of your amazing chickens and within that delightful bird is stuffing made up with some of the sausage we just got. Bacon wrapped sweet potatoes are on the menu ... and I had to make Caitlin hold back from the bacon dipped in chocolate because we need to be frugal with the bacon (well, as frugal as possible)!

Anyways, you are a testament to animal husbandry and ecological land use. Thanks so much for your hard work. Have a great Christmas!

p.s. whenever there is another batch of chickens, beef, pork etc... please, please put us on the list without hesitation. If we can be 'auto placed' on the list ... that'd be great!

Pat Case (Guelph, December 2011)

I picked up my "beef box" this afternoon. As soon as I got in the door, I put two rib steaks in a ziplock bag and stuck them in a cold-water bath. They were thawed in 30 minutes. I grilled them and we ate them with truffle butter, a little fleur de sel, steamed potatoes and green peas. Absolutely amazing meat! I'm a little fussy about my food and I cannot thank you enough for satisfying my standards.

E. Lusis (Guelph, March 2011)

Our family recently purchased a Beef Box from Magda Farms. This is the first time we have bought beef directly from a farm - what a difference! The beef is always delicious and full of flavour. Even our children have noticed the difference.

Wesley Robb & Fabienne Hick (Toronto, January 2011)
Just received your update and newsletter and wanted to let you know the pork is absolutely fantastic. I have never tasted anything better, whatever you did keep doing it! Everyone who has been lucky enough to share in our find has had nothing but positive comments. We will be getting another half animal this year for sure.

Gail McCormack (Guelph, January 2011)
We had the most amazing Magda farm-raised pork shoulder last night, rubbed with salt and slow-roasted for a long time. It was absolutely delicious! No other spices needed and no carving! (love that part...)

Daniel Nicholson (Toronto, January 2011)
My wife and I just enjoyed some of the best beef in a long time! (striploin steaks). Really impressed with the flavor and butchery. Tried the ground meat and it was sensational.

Deb Quaile (Rockwood, January 2011)
That was absolutely the best ham I've ever cooked (no great nod to the cook, but the quality of the ham). It was terrific! Ditto for the bacon (fabulous!), loin roast, sausage...

Jen McCarthy (Toronto, January 2010)
"By the way - the hamburger is gorgeous - never thought I'd say that about hamburger but we have used it in a shepherds pie and spaghetti sauces and it has wonderful flavour and is nice and lean.

I referred 2 more people to you. I did one of your hams for a team christmas dinner at work and they both commented on how nice it was and wanted to know where I got it. It is so nice to eat real meat that has real texture and taste!

Thanks very much - hope all is well on the farm this winter."

HIGHLIGHT: 2009 Supplier Visits - excerpt from the Woolwich Arrow and Borealis Grille Newsletter Jan/Feb 2010
by Bob Desautels, restaurant owner/president (Guelph, Ontario)
"Magda Farm - In the summer I got my first experience of a farm that seemed to come out of the book The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan. Nick and Vera run an operation with chickens, cows and pigs while applying sound and sustainable practices. Very refreshing. (Good food too!)"
Karen Calzonetti & Chris Nicholson (Guelph, December 2008)
"Your pork is amazing, it's fabulous! It's some of the best meat I've ever tasted. We are thrilled with it and are looking forward now to the beef."

Paul Toccalino (Guelph, November 2008)
"Our family had been supplied with grass fed organic beef from my uncle for many years until he retired from farming. We tried other beef from 2 local farmers and 2 butchers but could not find the same quality we were accustomed to. We found Magda Farm so I decided to call and find out the availability of beef. After a long informative friendly discussion, I felt confident ordering from them. We were not disappointed. The beef has been excellent, the butchering good. So good in fact that half the animal was shipped to Ottawa to be enjoyed by my parents. We are looking forward to more beef from Magda Farm in the future."

Daniel Lahav & Ruby Lam (Toronto, November 2008)
E-mail to Magda Farm:

"I feel strongly about having 'your own farmer' (the same as having your own lawyer or accountant). We are happy to support you guys directly without any middle-man making money on both our backs. And yes, it might sound funny - having 'your own farmer', but hey, without farmers we are all screwed and probably doomed (forgive me for the language).

So keep up the great work, the personal connection with the people you feed and we hope that you do so well that other people pick up the old school farming trade again. Its a win win situation for us all."