The main way we keep our customers informed of upcoming product availability and other farm news is by maintaining a Magda Farm customer e-mail list. Our products are almost exclusively sold in bulk quantities (sides, quarters & family packages for beef and pork) by pre-order well in advance of slaughter dates via this e-mail list. To sign up for the e-mail list, simply send a message indicating your interest to: info@magdafarm.ca. You will receive notices from us a few times a year.
We are a farm with many activities going on at all times of year. Consequently, we do not operate as a regular retail outlet but rather arrangements are usually made for pick up of previously placed orders. When we butcher hogs and cattle, we typically try to arrange an en masse pick up time when the meat comes in, to get as many customers as possible to pick up on one or two days - this is partially because our freezer space is limited.

For pick up of product outside those times, appointments can be made via e-mail or a phone call. Please always contact us prior to visiting the farm to ensure that we can attend to you. Someone is on the farm most of the time on both weekdays and weekends - both daytime and evenings are fine. We do enjoy showing people what we are up to but need to do it at times that fit into our schedules.


All our meat is sold fresh frozen - i.e. frozen immediately after butchering. We sell our beef and pork in butcher paper wrap and chickens are bagged and vacuum packed (with the exception of soup birds, which are simply bagged, not vacuum packed).

Beef is available in sides, quarters and 30 lb family packages with a mix of cuts. We typically butcher the majority of our own cattle once a year, in the late fall. The 100% grassfed beef that we offer via one of our neighbours is available at various times through the year. We often have ground beef and hamburger patties available at other times of the year as well.

Pork is available in sides and 25 lb family packages. We currently butcher hogs in August, late September and late November or December. Chickens are available as whole roasters or quartered birds, with butchering taking place in the summer or early fall. Contact us regarding the availability of our free range eggs.

For more info. on pricing, family package contents, etc. please see our pricing page. We also note on our pricing page when we are sold out of product.

Orders are paid in full at the time of pick up - cash or cheques accepted, though for first time customers we prefer cash. For large orders, especially when dealing with first-time customers, we may require a deposit.
We generally encourage customers who live in the Guelph area to pick up directly from the farm - this helps us to keep our focus on raising the animals well versus spending a significant amount of time doing deliveries, and thus contributes to the sustainability of what we are doing. If you live in the Guelph area but cannot make it out to the farm, we can make arrangements on a case by case basis.

For Toronto/Mississauga/Oakville orders, we typically make several trips a year into the city and customers meet up with us at one or two pre-arranged central locations (delivery cost for this: $0.22/lb to a maximum of $22) or we sometimes do home delivery (delivery: $0.30/lb), depending on location and order size, on our way to or from the city. We do not currently have a strong enough customer base in Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo to provide delivery to those areas.